Annual Meetings

The VeTSS annual meeting  is one-day meeting with long and short talks. The aim  is to connect with VeTSS adjacent research, such as AI, Quantum Computing, Security and Machine learning, discuss state-of-the-art research and its open challenges and seek cross-pollination opportunities with VeTSS themes. The audience are academic, industry and government researchers, with an interest in safety, security, correctness, program analysis, testing, and verification. You can see details of previous meetings on this page. 

This year’s event will be held on the 21st May 2024 at the Royal Academy of Engineering, London.

The final program is on the meeting page. Registration to the event is now closed.

Although registration, lunch and refreshments are free of charge, we are sorry that we are not able to offer travel support; you or your institution will have to cover cost of travelling London.