Fifth Annual VeTSS Call for Proposals: Safe and Secure Software Systems

We are very pleased to announce that the last VeTSS call associated with the current funding from EPSRC and NCSC has been published. This VeTSS call on ‘Safe and Secure Software Systems’ is a broad call, grouped loosely under the headings Safe AI, Trustworthy Software, Verified Software Infrastructure and Reliable Continuous Software Behaviour. Please see… Read more »

VeTSS PhD students, best paper awards

Two VeTSS PhD students have been recently awarded best paper awards at international conferences. Eleni Bila, a PhD student at the University of Surrey supported by VeTSS project “Persistent Safety and Security” has won best paper at FORTE 2020 with “Defining and Verifying Durable Opacity: Correctness for Persistent Software Transactional Memory”. This is joint work with Simon… Read more »

NCSC Research Problem Book

The NCSC has published their Problem Book, in which they describe the more significant long term challenges for their cyber security research. The book is arranged into 7 themes or research problems that the NCSC is currently working on or where they hope to make progress. You can read more details on this blog from… Read more »

UKRI Digital Security by Design Challenge

UKRI has announced the Digital Security by Design Challenge, which will include £8M EPSRC and £3M ESRC calls to support new UK research around CHERI. Slides and videos from the 26 September 2019 Digital Security by Design Challenge Collaborators’ Workshop are now available to watch online.

VeTSS third call for Proposals: Verified Trustworthy Software Components

The Research Institute in Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS) has just published its third call for proposals for £0.5M, funded by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). VeTSS is inviting proposals for research into the areas of program analysis, testing, and verification, in particular work seeking to verify important parts of our software infrastructure, and… Read more »

GraphicsFuzz Ltd., co-founded by Alastair Donaldson, acquired by Google

GraphicsFuzz Ltd., co-founded by Alastair Donaldson, Hugues Evrard and Paul Thomson of Imperial College London, has been acquired by Google. The GraphicsFuzz team will join Google’s Android Graphics Team to integrate their specialist graphics driver testing technology within the Android ecosystem. Alastair Donaldson is a Co Investigator in the VeTSS funded project Automated Testing for Web… Read more »

VeTSS inaugural call for proposals, successful proposals announced

The Research Institute on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS) inaugural call for proposal was launched in June 2017. The call invited proposals for research on analysis, testing and verification, in particular work seeking to develop fundamental theories and industrial-strength tools that target real-world applications. This initial call  received 24 strong proposals of which only 8… Read more »

Cristian Cadar, Imperial College London, winner of the 2017 HVC Award

Congratulations to Cristian Cadar, Reader at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, who has been awarded with the HVC Award 2017. The HVC award is given to the most influential work in the last five years in formal verification, simulation, and testing. The committee awarded Cristian Cadar for his work on KLEE, recognising “his… Read more »

Isaac Newton Institute Research Programme on Big Proof, 26 June to 4 August 2017

This programme brings together mathematicians interested in employing proof technology in their research, logicians exploring pragmatic and foundational issues in the formalisation of mathematics, and computer scientists engaged in developing and applying proof technology. The programme includes a week-long workshop exploring foundational, theoretical, and practical challenges in exploiting proof technology to transform mathematical practice across… Read more »

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