Verified software workshops at the Newton institute, May and June

Philippa Gardner is one of the organisers of two upcoming workshops on Verification at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, in advance of their scientific programme on Verified Software, which had to be postponed last summer. The two workshops: Verified software: from theory to practice, to be held in May, and Tools and Experiments… Read more »

Verified Software Workshop, 24th-25th September 2019

VeTSS and the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, (INI) welcomed over a hundred delegates to the `Verified Software’ workshop this September in Cambridge. The workshop was a forerunner to the INI’s six-week summer programme on `Verified Software’ in the summer of 2020 and included talks by world-leading experts from academia, industry and government, a discussion… Read more »

POSTPONED: Workshop on Verified Software at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, 24-25 September 2019

We are very pleased to announce a workshop on`Verified Software’, to take take place on 24th-25th September 2019 at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, (INI), Cambridge. The workshop, organised and supported by VeTSS and the INI,  is a forerunner to the six-week summer programme on`Verified Software’ in the summer of 2020. The workshop comprises two days of talks by world-leading experts… Read more »

Registration open for the VeTSS PhD School and Sixth Workshop on Formal Methods and Tools for Security (FMATS)

Registration is now open for the First VeTSS PhD School and Sixth Workshop on Formal Methods and Tools for Security (FMATS), to be held at Microsoft Research Cambridge on 24-25 September 2018. The purpose of this joint meeting, organised by Philippa Gardner (Imperial), Cedric Fournet and Antoine Delignat-Lavaud (MSR Cambridge), is to bring together verification, systems and security experts interested… Read more »

Sponsor of the 7th Federated Logic Conference (FLoC’18), Oxford, July 18

VeTSS is very pleased to be one of the sponsors of the seventh Federated Logic Conference (FLoC’18), which will be held in Oxford, UK, in July 2018, at the Mathematical Institute and the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. FLoC’18 brings together nine major international conferences related to mathematical logic and computer… Read more »

Roger Needham lecture 2017, Ally Donaldson

The 2017 BCS Roger Needham Award, sponsored by Microsoft Research Cambridge, was awarded to Dr Alastair Donaldson of Imperial College London for his distinguished contributions, through the design and application of rigorous program analysis methods to the emerging field of many-core programming. Dr Donaldson is a co investigator with Benjamin Livshits, also from Imperial College London of… Read more »

Fifth Workshop on Formal Methods and Tools for Security (FMATS5), 21-22 September 2017

Almost a hundred participants attended this year’s FMATS, held on 21-22 September at Microsoft Research Cambridge. The workshop was attended by researchers, PhD students, industrialists and government employees with a common interest in formal methods and verification. The programme included 19 talks addressing key research topics from the field of formal methods and their application… Read more »

ARM Research Summit live stream of talks, 11-13 September 2017

The second annual Arm Research Summit is an academic summit to discuss future trends and disruptive technologies across all sectors of computing. It will take place in Cambridge over the days of 11-13 September 2017, and will be hosted at Robinson College. The Summit includes talks from the leaders in their research fields, demonstrations, networking… Read more »

The Alan Turing Institute Workshop on Big Proof – Challenges in Industry and Research, part of the Isaac Newton Institute Research Programme on Big Proof, 19 July 2017

The Isaac Newton Institute research programme Big Proof has announced  a workshop on the theme of Big Proof – Challenges in Industry and Research. The all day workshop, will be held at the Alan Turing Institute on Wednesday 19th July 2017. Philippa Gardner will give a talk on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems. The aim of the… Read more »

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