Annual meeting 2023

The VeTSS Inaugural meeting was held on Friday 31st March 2023, at the British Computer Society, London.

This was the first event on the VeTSS Seminar Series, one-day meetings with talks and panel discussions. The aim  is to connect with VeTSS adjacent research, such as AI, Quantum Computing, Security and Machine learning, discuss state-of-the-art research and its open challenges and seek cross-pollination opportunities with VeTSS themes.

TALKS (recording and abstracts)

‘VeTSS: From Old to New’,  Philippa Gardner, Imperial College London

‘On Operational Cyber Resilience’  Kerstin Eder, University of Bristol


‘Automatic verification of transparency protocols’, Mark Ryan, University of Birmingham with Vincent Cheval and José Moreira. ABSTRACT


‘Security and Legacy at Microsoft’ Matthew Parkinson, Microsoft Research. ABSTRACT


‘Benchmarking and verifying quantum computers’, Petros Wallden, The University of Edinburgh. ABSTRACT

‘Formal Verification and Bug Finding at Meta’, Jules Villard, Meta. ABSTRACT

The Research Institute for Trustworthy Interconnected Cyber-physical Systems’, Chris Hankin, Imperial College London. ABSTRACT  


‘Design and Verification of Time-Critical Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Systems’, Vincent Rahli, University of Birmingham. ABSTRACT

‘CsmithEdge: More Effective Compiler Testing by Handling Undefined Behaviour Less Conservatively’, Karine Even-Mendoza, King’s College London. ABSTRACT


‘Rust on Morello’, Simon Cooksey, University of Kent. ABSTRACT