Funding Calls

One remit of the Research Institute on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VeTSS) is to invite proposals for research on analysis, testing and verification, in particular work seeking to develop fundamental theories and industrial-strength tools that target real-world applications.

The expectation is that VeTSS will receive funding of £0.5M per year for five years from the National Cyber Security Centre to fund research projects. VeTSS will use this funding to support excellent projects that are perhaps more difficult to fund through, for example, EPSRC and industry. The plan is to have annual calls in October for projects starting in April of the following year.

Second Call for Proposals, published 31st October 2017

The second call for proposals is available here. The deadline for application HAS BEEN EXTENDED to 16:00h on  Thursday, 11th January 2018.

This call for £0.5M is primarily to fund projects between 1st April 2018 and 31st March 2019. However, PhD studentships for 3.5 years are encouraged, and other proposals extending for longer periods of time will be considered. Examples of possible projects include:

  • PhD studentships for UK, EU and overseas students for 3.5 years, up to the normal cost of an EPSRC PhD studentship – for overseas students, you or your institution must find the additional funding;
  • projects transferring technology from academia to industry;
  • projects on ambitious blue-sky research as a step towards more standard funding;
  • projects bringing talented international PhD students, RAs and academics to spend time with UK research groups;
  • continuity funding for projects previously funded by VeTSS and the former three-year Research Institute on Automated Program Analysis, although the expectation is that these projects will be further funded through EPSRC and industry.

The inaugural call was highly competitive. Successful proposals must describe excellent work. They should also provide evidence of engagement with the international academic or industrial community specialising in analysis, testing and verification, or the UK industrial community interested in applying such techniques to industrial practice.