Funded Proposals


The second call for proposals in October 2017 received 33 applications of which 10 were funded. The following projects were selected for funding:

  • A Foundation for Testing and Verifying C++ Transactions, PI John Wickerson, Imperial College London.
  • Automated black-box verification of networking systems, PI Alexandra Silva, University College London.
  • Building Verified Applications in CakeML, PI, Scott Owens, University of Kent.
  • Formal Verification of Quantum Security Protocols using Coq, PI Raja Nagarajan, Middlesex University London.
  • Generating Exploitable Crashes, PI, John Galea, University of Oxford.
  • Operating system components as verified libraries, PI Tom Ridge, University of Leicester.
  • Session Type-Based Verification Framework for Message-Passing in Go, PI, Nobuko Yoshida, Imperial College London.
  • Specification and verification of C++ data structure libraries, PI Mark Batty, University of Kent.
  • Supervectorizer (phase II), PI Greta Yorsh, Queen Mary University of London.
  • Trustworthy Software for Nuclear Arms Control, PIs Aziem Chawdhary and Andy King, University of Kent.


The inaugural call for proposals in June 2017 received over 24 applications of which 8 were funded. The following projects were selected for funding: