Funded Proposals

Current funded projects

The second call for proposals in October 2017 received 33 applications of which 10 were funded. The following projects were selected for funding and will start work very soon:

  • A Foundation for Testing and Verifying C++ Transactions, PI John Wickerson, Imperial College London.
  • Automated black-box verification of networking systems, PI Alexandra Silva, University College London.
  • Building Verified Applications in CakeML, PI, Scott Owens, University of Kent.
  • Formal Verification of Quantum Security Protocols using Coq, PI Raja Nagarajan, Middlesex University London.
  • Generating Exploitable Crashes, PI, John Galea, University of Oxford.
  • Operating system components as verified libraries, PI Tom Ridge, University of Leicester.
  • Session Type-Based Verification Framework for Message-Passing in Go, PI, Nobuko Yoshida, Imperial College London.
  • Specification and verification of C++ data structure libraries, PI Mark Batty, University of Kent.
  • Supervectorizer (phase II), PI Greta Yorsh, Queen Mary University of London.
  • Trustworthy Software for Nuclear Arms Control, PIs Aziem Chawdhary and Andy King, University of Kent.

The inaugural call for proposals in June 2017 received over 24 applications of which 8 were funded. The following projects were selected for funding and are currently on going: