The Alan Turing Institute Workshop on Big Proof – Challenges in Industry and Research, part of the Isaac Newton Institute Research Programme on Big Proof, 19 July 2017

The Isaac Newton Institute research programme Big Proof has announced  a workshop on the theme of Big Proof – Challenges in Industry and Research.

The all day workshop, will be held at the Alan Turing Institute on Wednesday 19th July 2017. Philippa Gardner will give a talk on Verified Trustworthy Software Systems.

The aim of the workshop is to promote discussion around the area of big proof and formal verification, and the challenges from academic and industry perspectives. The workshop will bring together mathematicians, computer scientists and logicians with those from relevant application areas, to explore the foundational, theoretical, and practical challenges in exploiting proof technology. A key expected output is a concrete, long-term research agenda for making computational inference a basic technology for formalising, creating, curating and disseminating mathematical knowledge in digital form.

Further information on the background, aims and objectives can be found on the Alan Turing Insitute Big Proof seminars and workshop pages.

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